“So these little super bites really DO pack a flavorful punch! I was intrigued to try them because they are made with whole ingredients, are paleo friendly, gluten free and allow me to have a chocolate fix - guilt free!”


“I'm reminiscing about my last trail run and munching on my Food Groove Mission superfood bites! They're just so yummy and easy to grab - perfect for this mama.”
“I love how these superfood bites fit nicely in the front pocket of my Amphipod PureRun vest. The Holy Truffle Punch is delicious and its dark chocolate and goji berry flavors - so easy to eat while running!”
“I have a sensitive tummy. I have to be careful what I eat pre-run. I need something easy on the tummy and lightweight or else I have issues. I have been trying these Food Groove Mission Super Food Bites before my long run, re-seal the pouch, and then eat more mid-run. They are made with all natural, organic ingredients and are gluten-free, Non GMO, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Grain Free. But most importantly they taste great!!”